Supporting Primary Care Through Communication with Colleagues and Communities

Samantha Horwill
August 26, 2021

Our work with the All Wales Cluster Leads Group centresaround creating space for listening and reflection, supporting rapid actionaround things that matter and make a difference.

We have heard a lot about the lived experience of colleaguesin primary care through the pandemic, and the importance of the role ofcommunication teams in educating and informing our communities and health andsocial care colleagues around the reality of delivering primary care services.

Some of the most important messages are:

-     Primary Care has been, and continues to be, open

-     Increases in demand and wait-times are frustratingfor clinicians and patients

-     difficulties in recruiting to vacancies andaccessing locums exacerbates the impact of growing workload leading to patientdissatisfaction and reduced morale and increased fatigue for people working inprimary care

There is an opportunities for Cluster Leads to work throughthese themes with Health Board communication teams to help build a narrative forcolleagues and communities that continues to support primary care.

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