Yma is a not-for-profit social enterprise, existing to create conditions where primary care in Wales thrives now and for future generations.

The viability and future shape of our health and social care system is being tackled by many different organisations and agencies in Wales.

The lens through which we undertake our work, advocating from grassroots, being open to all possibilities without being tethered to the status quo (even rejecting it where needed) and actively seeking alternative ways for the system to exist, sets us apart.

This makes Yma unique in Wales.

Meet our team

Samantha Horwill
Samantha Horwill
Co-founder & Managing Director

Sam has 15 years of experience working in and with the NHS across the UK, developing and delivering new community-led service models to aid collaboration and innovation.  In 2019 she was invited to share her work in the NHS in Wales by TEDx Aberystwyth.

As co-founder and MD of Yma, her role is to bring alive our purpose – to create the conditions where primary care in Wales can thrive now, and for future generations.

Sam is also a passionate advocate for renewable technology and an electric vehicle enthusiast, seeking ways to accelerate progress in this area at a local and national level.

Sarah Bartholomew
Sarah Bartholomew
Company Director

Sarah’s focus is on connecting the journey of Yma to the wider world, ensuring we support people to live better lives.

She looks to develop new partnerships, collaborations and opportunities to further our purpose.

Dr Julia Pirson
Dr Julia Pirson
Project Coordinator

Julia is a post-doctoral chemist with a background in lithium-ion battery materials and teaching.  

As a Project Coordinator at Yma, Julia is working on developing our internal processes to help us work together efficiently as a team.

Julia enjoys finding creative solutions to problems, making (ridiculously-complicated) spreadsheets and crochet.

Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones
Operations Lead

Rhys took up his position as Operations Lead at Yma in October 2021, bringing over 20 years’ experience in medical implants, medical technology, and pharmaceutical sales experience. He has also spent the last year working with Carmarthenshire Council in assisting with their response to the pandemic, with particular focus on schools.

Having a family connection with the Welsh NHS, Rhys understands the evolving role Primary Care plays within the Welsh NHS, and the need for quality solutions to the issues and problems faced by practices currently.

A fluent Welsh speaker Rhys likes to spend his spare time playing golf, cycling and cooking.

Matthew Riley
Matthew Riley
Data Protection Officer

Matthew is the Data Protection Officer ‘DPO’ for Yma. This means that he works with the team at Yma around all aspects of information governance and data security. It is easy to just see this as a security role: Matthew thinks it is more about using information in a way that creates a learning culture and supports innovation, whilst at the same time keeping the promise that we make to our staff, partners, customers and patients to keep it safe.

Matthew has a long-standing connection with Yma, having worked with Sam Horwill when ‘Here’ was founded in Brighton, in 2008, where he is still a Non-executive director and Chief Information Officer.

Chloe Crowl
Chloe Crowl
Project Administrator

Chloe began working as a Project Administrator at Yma in July 2021. After completing a degree in Politics and International Relations, Chloe worked in a Quality Governance capacity in NHS England and NHS Wales. With a keen interest in creating the foundations for quality, person-centred care, Chloe is really looking forward to working with change-makers across Primary Care in Wales to support the delivery of excellent care.

Chloe enjoys spending her spare time writing, swimming, and exploring the surrounds of Mid Wales.

We’re here for you
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