Happy New Yma 2024

Stan Kollarik
December 31, 2023

Approaching the close of 2023, Yma takes a moment to recognise the strides we've made.

In a year focused on expanding our impact, we've also expanded our perspectives. The challenges faced, victories celebrated, and lessons learned have shaped our journey.

Our concerted efforts throughout 2023 have created several job opportunities in mid-Wales, significantly enhancing our capacity to make a difference. Yma, in its current state, is more "new" than "old," and that's something worth celebrating.

Amidst this shift, our collective efforts are deeply invested in ambitious projects, notably the all-Wales HealthPathways programme. These sizable endeavours are reshaping the core of Yma, propelling us into new territories. For example, the landscape of hybrid work, with new team members, has been a key focus. Working from home, though efficient, presents its own set of challenges. Recognising that this doesn't fit everyone, we're reassessing how we connect as a team, ensuring every member, present and future, finds their "happy place"!

So, here’s to a purposeful, adaptable and successful 2024!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

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