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We listen to what matters to the people working in health and social care in Wales. We do this by seeking out their views and needs in our every day interactions and through hosted conversations. We use this information to shape our own priorities as an organisation and to inform the decisions of others in the system.

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We work with health and social care to co-create value propositions from the ideas that they have for doing things differently. We do this by guiding the thinking around innovation and change and providing logistical and administrative support to drive rapid progress from idea to proposal. We aim to connect funding sources with teams who wish to push forward with new ideas or to encourage coherence across primary care in Wales.

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We stand side-by-side with health and social care to deliver programmes of change in practice and organise care in a way that meets the needs of our citizens. We do this through our project management and service delivery capabilities.

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Yma exists in service health and social care in Wales. We aim to share everything we hear and learn, and encourage others in the system to do the same. We connect people across the system to share stories and experiences, with the aim of creating curiosity and a culture of possibility.

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If you have any ideas on how we can accomplish our goals within Health and Social Care, or would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.
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