Primary Care Leadership Training Review

Yma were commissioned by the Primary and Community Care Development and Innovation Hub on behalf of the Strategic Programme for Primary Care to review and assess online learning resources for leaders in primary care. The review focused on resources hosted on the Gwella Leadership Portal website. We compiled a list of relevant topics for leaders in primary care based around our interactions with Cluster leads through the All Wales Cluster Lead Group. We then developed a review system based on the Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI) framework.

Reviewing all the resources against the framework provided insight into the most effective and accessible options for leadership training in primary care, covering the largest number of relevant subject areas. It will also enable us to make recommendations where gaps exists, and highlight issues such as broken content links. This short project has been carried out by the Yma team and culminated in delivery of a written report of our findings and recommendations, and some lists suitable for sharing with new leaders to facilitate their training.

Since this work was delivered, the Gwella Leadership Portal has undergone an update including specific leadership offerings for range of professionals from primary care collaboratives.

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