All Wales Cluster Leads Group

August 26, 2021

A network for primary care cluster leads across Wales

Since January 2021 Yma has hosted the All Wales Cluster Lead Group, with membership consisting of cluster leads from across Wales’ 60 clusters, practice manager leads, and LMC representation. The group meets every six weeks to discuss current challenges and opportunities, hear from guest speakers from across the system, and share their experiences. Alongside meetings, the network engages in an active WhatsApp group and Microsoft Teams space to support the sharing of information and discussion.  

The purpose is to create the conditions where:

  • Clusters have enough autonomy to do good work;
  • with efforts that are coherent across Wales; and
  • Enable engagement with stakeholders that has meant they know what clusters do and value our contribution to the system.

Leads from 85% of clusters have participated in network activities since January 2021.

This collective effort has:

• created the opportunity for a single point of contact for engaging with Clusters on an All Wales basis, which has led to efficient and effective engagement with national efforts including the Accelerated Cluster Development and All Wales Diabetes Prevention programmes;

• made space for sharing ideas and best practice including dedicated sessions on Drive-Through COVID Vaccination clinics; formalising collaboration across a Cluster; enabling primary care leadership and the All Wales Weight Management Pathway; and

• Provided insight and solutions for numerous queries and questions on varied topics on an informal basis through conversation in person and via online platforms.

As part of our role supporting cluster lead representatives at forums such as the National Primary Care Board, Yma facilitated the production of four 'talking-heads' style interviews with three cluster leads from different regions in Wales on behalf of the Strategic Programme for Primary Care. The videos were shared as part of the National Primary Care Board papers and can be viewed on the SPPC Youtube channel.

If you are a cluster lead and would like to be included or are interested in learning more about our facilitation work in Wales, please get in touch using our Contact Us page, or email us on

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